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 Tempest VITempest III Changing Skies 


Hamlyn's vivid landscapes explore the personal relationship between the artist's spiritual inification with wide open spaces and the British coastlines natural capacity for escapism.

The natural world serves a contrast between the unpredictable and fierce, and also the delicate and beautiful. Hamlyn's work translates these rapidly changing juxtapositions onto canvas through a painterly compendium of abstraction and surrealism. His large scale abstract works allow the viewer the opportunity to withdraw from the restraints and responsibilities of contemporary life by indulging and immerging in the immnse beauty of the natural world. Hamlyn's works are born out of a frustrating escape from the artist's past working in the finance industry. The works subject matter aims to enhance and invigorate the wide open spaces of the British coastline, which provide an indulgent escape, creating a paradoxical freedom to prior working life.


All works are original, one off pieces.


Please click on the "Gallery" tab above to view my paintings.  You will then have a selection of tabs to choose from depending on which colour type you are interested in. All include free postage and packaging.


Comments from a gallery "a fabulously colourful exhibition of comtemporary abstract acrylic on canvas paintings by this artist from Northamptonshire.  At very affordable prices his work are a steal for collectors of modern art."


Greeting Cards

Please visit the "Gallery" tab to view my selection of greeting cards.  All my cards are printed on quality Silk and the card has been left blank inside.  They are all taken from my original paintings.  All cards include free postage and packaging.